Product update

New in Steep: dbt integration and more

Steep has partnered up with dbt to provide a best-in-class metrics integration. But that’s not all. Read on for more exciting updates.

Nino Höglund
Nino HöglundApril 2023

Steep ❤️ dbt

This one’s for all the data folks. Defining your data pipelines in code is great and we think that should go for metrics as well. That’s why we are now launching our dbt integration in Steep! You can now define metrics directly in your dbt repo and automatically sync them over to Steep. So good. This gives you an awesome combination of version-controlled metrics together with the ability to automatically publish them to an entire organisation. A powerful way of working.

And this is just the beginning. As an official integration partner to dbt, we will continue working closely with the good folks over at dbt labs to make dbt + Steep a truly great setup! Get started with metrics in dbt and try syncing today.


Manual import

Upload a single manifest.json manually for a one-time metrics import. Great for trying out the process and for the occasional syncing.

Teams in the main menu

Sync automatically

Use the new API to automatically sync over definitions from your dbt core project. Sync when you push to main or together with your scheduled production runs. Generate your API keys and try it out today.

Learn more →

Analyze better

The inspect screen is at the center of the Steep app and where you do most of your work. This month we have made a number of big and small improvements to make it even easier to work with as well as visual improvements and tweaks.


Dynamic legend

Wether you’re breaking down a metric or comparing it to a target or even another metric – the new dynamic legend will provide more detail and context to the visualization.

Time stepper

Time stepper

The new time stepper makes it super easy to move back and forward in time. It works in all zoom levels (week, month, quarter, 6M and year) and snaps to useful time periods.



This classic open-source database is now fully supported in Steep. Making it easier than ever to get started with using your backend data in Steep. Connect Steep directly to your MySQL database and start analyzing metrics today.

Set up MySQL →

What's next?

  • Reports reimagined - Save views and create reports in a whole new way
  • Organize your metrics library - as your number of metrics grow
  • Joins – yes, joins are finally coming!
  • We are constantly working on new and better ways to analyze your metrics. Stay tuned for some really cool news in the coming months.

Start using Steep now

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Nino Höglund
Nino HöglundMay 2023
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New in Steep: dbt integration and more

Steep has partnered up with dbt to provide a best-in-class metrics integration. But that’s not all. Read on for more exciting updates.Read more...

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Nino Höglund
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Nino Höglund
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Johan Baltzar
Johan BaltzarOctober 2022
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