Say goodbye to clunky dashboards and hello to better insights with Steep, the faster way for teams to understand their business together.
Steep app for desktop and mobile

What is Steep?

Steep is the next step in analytics. Quick to set up and easy to maintain, we’re reshaping the way teams work with data through a metrics framework and a modern multiplayer experience. Designed for everyone in your organization.

Free starter plan. Transparent pricing. No lock-in contracts.

See your data
in a new way

Innovative teams don’t want outdated tools, and that’s why we are combining data and design to rethink analytics. Get the insights that matter in a beautiful, useful way.

Unblock your
analytics process

Remove the bottlenecks and let more roles in on the analytics process. With Steep a few data experts can serve a large organization with ease, and let all users help themselves.

Collaborate and
come together

Steep is built for teams and ready for real-life collaboration. Finally users of all levels can engage with metrics, discuss movements and align on one view of the business.

Metrics on
the move

Business doesn’t stop once you leave your desk, which is why you’ll get the same smart tools and sleek experience with our apps for both desktop and mobile.

“Steep has enabled us to answer the deceptively simple question of how we are doing and why. All delivered in a delightful consumer-grade experience!”
Gustav Lindqvist, Chief Data Officer at Meditopia

Who is Steep for?

With business insights at your fingertips, you can move faster and rely less on analysts
Be clear about your numbers and what they mean, then get all employees engaged in the company’s results
Get your stakeholders on the same page, invite your board and share numbers with key partners
Serve a large organization with ease, let all users explore metrics and get answers on their own
Stop building the same repetitive dashboards and save time to work on the impactful problems
Experience lightning-fast analysis and produce beautiful results every time
Stay on top of your performance wherever you are, with all the latest stats in your phone
Set ambitious targets for individuals and teams, and keep track of your pace
Share your progress, celebrate wins, and build a culture based on results
Explore the metrics that matter to you and analyze your numbers in a truly intuitive way
Organize KPIs and targets for your team without needing help from an analyst
Celebrate wins, rally around challenges, and join the company conversation about growth

See it in action

How does it work?

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