Built natively for the
semantic layer

Steep is a next-gen BI tool that gives you all the benefits of working on a semantic layer. More than a stack - it’s the new way of working for data-intense companies.
All your metrics in one place with the semantic layer
The new way to do BI
Communicate, collaborate and decide with reports reimagined
At Steep, we’re introducing a metrics-first approach that combined with our intuitive, user-friendly interface changes the way your company works with data, together.

By defining metrics upfront, we make visualizing data more efficient, freeing up data and analytics teams’ time to focus on the data model and metrics catalog, rather than endless dashboard building. With our intuitive platform, all users can explore and analyze data without relying on specialists for help.

The result is a more structured and collaborative approach to data that enables your entire organization to make better, data-driven decisions.
Bundled and connected
Steep comes with a built-in semantic layer and also allows you to connect an external semantic layer in dbt or Cube. You get to decide what works best for your data stack.
Define metrics with
an intuitive UI

For teams that want a streamlined setup. Connect directly to your data warehouse and build your semantic layer in Steep with an intuitive UI. Steep will use the built-in semantic layer to generate queries.

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Connect to dbt cloud

For teams that want to centralize definitions in dbt. Build your semantic layer in your dbt repo and sync your metrics catalog to Steep. Steep will use the dbt cloud api to generate queries.

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Connect to Cube

For Cube aficionados. Build your semantic layer in Cube and publish your metrics catalog in Steep. Steep will use the cube api to generate queries.

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