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Free Plan
Business Plan
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What’s the difference between our plans?
Our Free Plan and Business Plan both have the same features – the only difference is your allotted number of queries. With the Free Plan you get 10,000 queries for free. With the Business Plan you get an unlimited number of queries.
How long can I use Steep for free?
Steep is completely free to use until you reach 10,000 queries. How long that takes will depend on your usage. For a large team that uses Steep daily it may take weeks to reach the limit. For a small team that uses Steep a couple of times a week it will likely take months to reach the 10,000 query limit.
What counts as an active user?
When you are on the Steep Business Plan, we charge you monthly per active user. An active user is anyone that has logged in to Steep at least once during the last month and generated a query, including users that have since deleted their account or been removed from the workspace. We will not charge you for members in your workspace that have not logged in during the last month.
How do I get started with Steep?
It’s quick and easy to sign up for Steep, and it’s free to get started. You simply sign up using your Google or Apple account. The next step is to connect your database. If you need help with this, read our guide here. Then you define your metrics, customize your dashboard and add targets if you wish. Finally, invite your team to empower them with data.
How do roles and permissions work?
Steep has two roles: Admins and Members. Admins can connect databases, define metrics, invite new members to your workspace, manage roles, and delete workspaces. Members can customize your dashboard, set up and join teams, invite other members to teams, and view all metrics.
How do login and authentication work for Steep?
Steep uses the Auth0 platform for authentication, a trusted identity management platform. You can choose to log in with your Google or Apple account, and we support 2-factor authentication via Google or Apple.
How does Steep manage data?

Steep connects to your database to access the data you need for metrics and analysis. To power the app, Steep constructs SQL-queries based on your metrics definitions, and runs them in your connected database. The aggregated results are sent back to the app for visualization and analysis.

Steep caches query results in both the Steep backend and the client to provide a snappy experience without overloading your database. All data cached in Steeps backend is encrypted for security. Query results are also cached using the built-in cache in your database, making the service even more scalable.

What data stack does Steep play well with?
Steep is designed to fit in perfectly with a modern data stack. For most companies, this is the stack we would recommend: BigQuery or Snowflake, plus Fivetran for data ingestion and dbt for transformation. Steep pairs really well with dbt, where you can flexibly iterate on your core tables in dbt and then publish metrics in Steep for everyone to explore and collaborate. Not on the modern data stack yet? Don’t worry, Steep works with any data stack, all you really need is data in an SQL database and you’re good to go.
What tools can I replace with Steep?
Steep is a modern alternative to traditional BI tools. Steep solves all your business analysis needs for everyone from leadership teams, to sales and ops, to all employees in your organization. And by enabling all users to do more themselves you can offload your analytics team. For advanced analysis we recommend pairing Steep with a personal analysis tool for analysts and data scientists.
How do I cancel my paid plan?

You may cancel your Business Plan subscription at any time. When you cancel your plan you will be charged for the current monthly billing period at the end of the period. You will be able to use Steep fully until the billing period ends.

      1. Go to Steep app or
      2. Go to Settings / Billing
      3. Click the link Manage my subscriptions and see billing history
      4. Click Cancel plan

To cancel a Steep Business Plan subscription you need to be an admin of your Steep workspace.

You get even more details on our Help center

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