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Based in Stockholm, we’re building the next generation analytics experience.

The rise of the modern data stack has revolutionized the collection and cleaning of data. But having data is not enough. The real value is in getting it out to all the people across an organization. This is the new frontier – the last mile problem of analytics.

A new way of working

Analytics tools need to evolve together with processes for the industry. Even with a great analytics teams, processes are today often blocked by analysts struggling to serve an entire business manually.

We’ve seen this problem again and again at the companies we’ve worked for.

“With a tool like Figma – design work became multiplayer and along came alignment and consistency across teams. Steep aims to revolutionize Analytics in the same way.”
Nino, co-founder of Steep

“We believe that solving this problem globally requires a combination of data and design. You need strong design skills in your DNA to achieve this, and you need a deep understanding of data.”
Johan, co-founder of Steep

By experienced analytics and design leaders

Steep was founded in 2021 by Johan Baltzar and Nino Höglund. In their roles as Analytics and Design leaders at Spotify, iZettle, PayPal and Kry, they’ve helped great companies grow using data. We know from first hand experience how inefficient analytics is and how it’s still only accessible to the experts.

A handpicked team

Steep is a skilled team of analysts, designers and developers with extensive experience from a number of successful tech companies.

A strong network

A strong network of investors and partners have Steep’s back, empowering the platform with advice, services and experience.

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