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Gathering data is easy, but using it hasn’t been. Until now.

In a modern workplace, everyone needs data to do their job. So analytics can’t be reserved for a few experts - it should be available to all.

How does it work?

Steep connects to your data warehouse and lets you set up metrics for everyone to use. Define and publish any metrics on your own data, so that all users can explore, analyze, share and discuss together. Steep gives you intuitive and powerful tools to solve all your business analysis needs.

A single dynamic dashboard

Combine beautifully crafted widgets into a single trusted view of the whole company. Highlight your key metrics and targets, and let each team customize their own space.

Faster, intuitive analysis

Explore and analyze your metrics with ease. Look at short and long trends, slice and dice across multiple dimensions, and compare and contrast. All intuitive and lightning fast.

Smarter targets

Set up and manage your targets in Steep without hassle. Monitor your pace on the dashboard and overlay targets in visualizations to help everyone in your organization focus on your goals.

Discussions and annotations

Invite users to explore and discuss data together. Annotate and comment in the timeline or share a link to your specific view for deeper discussions in Slack or email.

“Steep has quickly become the go-to place for any member of the organisation to get an overview of the latest KPI developments. It’s easy to set up and use (defining metrics and creating good-looking visualisations literally takes minutes), yet powerful enough for prompt insights.”
Filip Ausmaa, Head of Analytics & Product Growth at Frever

Get started in minutes

Sign up for free and get your first metrics started in just 10 minutes. Explore the features that make Steep unique like intuitive analysis, widgets, and our full spec mobile experience.

Organize and share

Create custom-made groups of users by adding colleagues across your org to their own team, then customize their widgets and assign access levels to suit their needs.

Compatible with
your data stack

Steep supports Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift and Postgres with more to come. It pairs perfectly with modern ETL like dbt.

Plays well with your
modern work tools

Built to play well with all the other the tools in your daily workflows. Move between Steep and tools like Slack, Notion, Miro, Pitch, Google and email with ease.


How do you define a metric?

Defining a metric is easy. Start by picking a template for your metric, this corresponds to a type of SQL query. Then, fill in the template by first choosing which table or view to query from. And finally pick which columns in your table or view to use for calculating value, and for time and dimensions. Steep then uses the metric definition to allow all users to explore and visualize metrics. Behind the scenes, Steep will dynamically generate queries from your metric definitions and use the results to power the app.

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What kind of data do you need for Steep?
Steep works with both your backend data and event data. We recommend setting up a modern data stack and syncing all your data to a data warehouse (BigQuery, Snowflake or similar) and connecting Steep to that.
Do I need to prepare my data in any way?

You do not need to aggregate your data for Steep to work. Steep generates aggregation queries that are meant to be run on granular data and as many rows as you have.

We do recommend using a modern ETL tool like dbt to be able to iterate on your core tables. That way you can maintain definitions and business logic in your data warehouse, and use Steep to define and publish metrics to everyone.

Will Steep run a lot of queries?
Steep caches query results in the client to provide a snappy experience without overloading your database. Query results are also cached using the built-in cache in your database, making the service even more scalable.
What logins are supported?
You can choose to log in with your Google or Apple account. Steep supports 2-factor authentication via Google or Apple.
What data stack does Steep play well with?

Steep is designed to fit in perfectly with a modern data stack. For most companies, this is the stack we would recommend: BigQuery or Snowflake as database, Fivetran for data ingestion and dbt for transformation.

Steep pairs really well with dbt, where you can flexibly iterate on your core tables and then publish metrics in Steep for everyone to explore and collaborate.

Not on the modern data stack yet? Don’t worry, Steep works with any data stack. All you really need is data in an SQL database and you are good to go.

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